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We started around 8 year ago in Mexico City.

Our story starts with our name, Llena eres de Gracia (full of flair), a brand that sees and wants women graceful and charming regardless of the age.

Our designer and creator, Janett Lara, combines local elements and Latin roots with her constant need for comfort and search for innovation to deliver unique pieces that not only shine for their design, but are easy to wear.

Janett designs, conceives and produces our unique garments focused on today's women, those determined and vivacious, those who like to stand out.  And her passion goes beyond the design as fabrics are chosen with the highest care, looking for the best quality and comfort, all managed with an eco-responsible and human spirit.


All our designs are unique and exclusive.

Tailored with attention to details, all the embroidery and incrustations are hand-made with a full “haute-couture” spirit.

Our collections respond to the quest of our customers looking for comfortable garments that remain elegant but adapt to every day’s life.


Thought to adapt Llena eres de Gracia to small spaces with constant visits, we currently have more than 20 installed around Mexico.


These corners respect the brand soul of colors and added value

A concept in development in Europe for the core of multi-brand boutiques and department stores.


They are an essential part of our identity and our style:  dynamism and joy for life!

Its original creation was trusted to a young Mexican design firm to ensure our collections were assembled in full harmony and value.

Replicating the same concept, we’ve developed our own stores in Mexico :

  • Playa del Carmen

  • Valle de Bravo

  • Cd. de México

  • Guadalajara

And we are in development for Europe:

We start from Belgium to the rest of Europe, where Multi-brands Boutiques and Corner-Shops want to fill their image together with Llena eres de Gracia.

Christian Aguilar Saucillo

LLeG European Partner

Ph. +32 71 560 249  |  Mobile +32 475 729 021

Dominique GERALD

Sales France & Benelux
Ph. +33 (0)6 24 79 88 45

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